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What does the future hold for Funerals in Australia in 2021?

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As is the case in many industries, the challenges of a worldwide pandemic has caused a lot of change and pivoting within the funeral industry, as Funeral homes have worked to cater for families in alternative ways.

One outcome of this has been families leaning toward more simplified and less formal funerals, amongst other changes. You can read in our article just how much the coronavirus has impacted the funeral industry.

So now what does the future hold for funerals in Australia as we head into 2021?

1. Less Formal and smaller funeral services

Many families are finding that having a smaller funeral service has made the occasion a more intimate family affair. In many instances having just close family present sharing heartfelt memories and condolences has made for less formal and more family-oriented services.
This is expected to continue throughout 2021 as Australia still sees varying levels of Covid19 outbreaks and restrictions stay in place accordingly, as well as families opting for this smaller service option.

2. Families watching online

One of the major game changers for funerals in 2021 is the use of technology to watch a loved one’s funeral service on a live stream. This allows a large number of people to experience the service without having to attend in person and gives family members interstate and overseas the chance to be present as well.

This trend of watching a loved one’s funeral service on a live stream is expected to continue well beyond the pandemic and become part of the norm of holding a funeral service.

3. A lot more families utilising cremation services

The number of families opting for cremations in Australia rather than traditional burials has been growing steadily over the last decade. According to the ACCA’s National Cremation Capacity Survey the percentage of cremation against other forms of disposition has increased to 65.19%.

This trend toward cremations has led to many families looking for simple, quality cremation services which they can organise online and fuss free, such as

These simple, high-quality cremation options are expected to contribute to that 65% cremation figure increasing significantly over the next few years.

4. Innovation in the storing of loved ones ashes

The increase in the number of cremations has led to many new-age cremation ideas. In addition to the simple cremation itself, a lot of people want something more creative done with their loved ones ashes – something that represents them better than a ceremonial urn. For example, people have had ashes mixed with concrete to build artificial reefs, compressed into diamonds or added to a pocket watch or jewellery, mixed with tattoo ink, or used inside an hourglass. At Kingston we have a range of beautiful options that are more imaginative than a traditional urn, such as jewellery you can wear. View the full range here.
urn jewellery

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