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Our Coffins and Caskets

At Kingston Funerals, we offer an extensive range of coffins and caskets for you to choose from, to suit every style and budget. Our helpful team can discuss your needs and help you choose the best option for your family and loved one.

Coffin Range

The Kingston- Rosewood

kingston flat lid rosewood coffin

The Kingston- White

Coffin Range Kingston Flat Lid White

The Kingston - Oak

kingston flat lid oak coffin

The Kingston- Black

kingston oak black coffin

The Florence - White

Florence white

The Florence - Rosewood

Florence rose

The Florence - Cedar

Florence cedar

The Florence - Black

Florence black coffin

The Regal-Cedar - $1495
Also available in solid timber $2100

the regal cedar

The Regal - Rosewood - $1495
Also available in solid timber $2100

The Argus -Rosewood

the argus rosewood

The Argus - Cedar

the argus cedar

Casket Range

Grecian Urn White Split Lid

grecian urn white caskets

Grecian Urn Natural Full Lid

grecian urn natural

Grecian Urn Regal Split Lid

kingston casket caskets

Grecian Urn Rosewood Split Lid

grecian urn rosewood caskets

The Empire - Rosewood - $2495
Also available in solid timber $3995

the empire rosewood
funeral coffins and caskets

What's the Difference Between a Coffin and a Casket?

While both have the same function, there are some distinct differences between caskets and coffins. 

Both coffins and caskets are made of wood or metal and used for funerals. Both are also designed to comfortably and respectably transport those who have passed. The difference lies in the shape, where coffins have a wider top to more closely match the shape of a person, while a casket has a more rectangular shape from top to bottom. Our caskets come in the popular “Grecian Urn” style, which is both elegant and impressive.

Both coffins and caskets will give you the same results. It simply depends on which design you like more, or which is more appropriate. If you have any questions about our designs or options, contact us today for more information. Our team is always available to help.

Kingston Funeral Services

Kingston Funerals can help you plan a funeral for your loved one. We’re committed to helping you honour your loved ones life and memory in the best way possible, and say goodbye in a way that’s meaningful for you and your family. Our funeral directors are available at all times to sit down with you and talk about your needs and the options available. We pride ourselves on excellent service, giving you the support you need in what is often a very difficult time. 

Discuss your needs with an experienced funeral director today and let us take care of the funeral service and memorial service from start to finish. Enter your contact details below or call us today and our funeral director will assist you with all your needs.

funeral coffins and caskets service
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