Ways to Save Money on Funeral Expenses

save money on funeral expenses

First word of advice – don’t go to a Corporate Funeral Director! 

Corporate Funeral Directors are reputable and do a good job, however they also charge a good price because they not only have to pay staff, but also shareholders.

Shop around! An old Bulldog great Charlie Sutton said, “Shop early and avoid the rush”, and the Bulldogs won their first Grand Final!

The internet has enabled the consumer to shop around, here are things to consider – (1) if the website is not price transparent don’t even consider the funeral operator, (2) Read the reviews – too often its easy to have a good website, but have no substance to the business, (3) Ring around, feel comfortable with the Funeral home, (4) Word of Mouth – ask your friends and neighbours if they have used a reasonably priced funeral director.


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