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Funeral Packages

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Funeral Costs Melbourne

No matter what kind of funeral you’re considering, there’s no ignoring the funeral costs associated. There are hundreds of factors that can affect the cost of a funeral, from family traditions, cultural requirements, the requests of the deceased, funeral home fees and more. If you’re concerned about funeral costs or looking to make the most of the money you have available, Kingston Funerals can guide you through the funeral planning process and ensure you can plan out the ideal funeral or memorial service. Our funeral directors will help you honour your loved ones in the way they would have wanted, while managing funeral expenses.

How is the funeral cost determined?

There are a lot of things that go into running a funeral. Each of these things has costs associated and will cost more or less depending on the options you choose for each. With the addition of fees such as cemetery fees, funeral service fees, transportation costs, catering and other optional funeral costs, it’s not hard to understand where the final price comes from. If you’re looking for a basic burial funeral, many of these costs can be disregarded. However, if you’re considering a more elaborate burial or funeral, things can become quite costly.

Our Funeral Packages

funeral packages

Unattended Cremation Service

A cremation to take place without mourners in attendance. Also known as direct cremation.

From $2250

funeral packages

Basic Cremation Service

A single service or ceremony in a church, chapel or venue with a private cremation.

From $6495

funeral packages service

Basic Funeral Burial Service

This package includes a basic service or ceremony in your preferred location. The procession then makes its way to the cemetery for the last committal ceremony/service.

From $6495

funeral packages services

Premium Burial Funeral Service

This more traditional funeral package is held in a church, chapel or venue of your choice, the cortege then proceeds to a cemetery for the final committal ceremony/service.

From $8195

Breakdown of Funeral Expenses

The team at Kingston Funerals works hard to make sure you’re getting the most from our services, keeping the price you pay at a minimum. Almost every part of our service can be tailored to suit your needs and budget to create affordable funeral packages. 

Inclusions In The Premium Service:

  • Professional Services and Mortuary Care
  • Kingston Chapel
  • Viewing Prior to Service if requested
  • Argus Coffin (upgrade available at extra cost)
  • Hearse and staff
  • Government & Medical Certified Death Certificate
  • Funeral Transfer (Melb metro – All Hours)
  • Memorial Book
  • Personalised Music  (Up to 3 Songs)
  • Customer Care Consultation
  • Floral arrangement from our catalogue value up to $500.00 (No refunds)
  • Photo Tribute (50-60 photos & 2 songs)
  • Order of Service Booklets A5 (80)

Additional costs to consider are cemetery fees. Newspaper  notice, food and refreshments,  transfers, funeral cars, and venue fees or chapel service fees are all optional. There are no hidden costs involved.  You will have the opportunity to discuss your needs and the costs involved with our funeral directors.

How Much Does Cremation Cost In Melbourne?

Cremation costs can vary anywhere from a couple of thousand dollars up to several thousand but will vary from funeral director to funeral director. The cost will also differ depending on whether you choose a direct cremation or want to have a full service.

Much of the cost of the a cremation comes from what you choose to do with your loved one after cremation. Storing ashes at a funeral home or cemetery can be expensive, as there is often limited space available, and many cemeteries require ongoing payments. For more information on cremation costs Melbourne, discuss your needs with our team today.

How Much Does a Traditional Burial Cost?

Burials are generally more expensive than cremations, costs can vary depending on your choice of funeral home and cemetery, funeral services, burial plot and coffin. In fact, the average cost of a burial funeral in Australia is between $7000 and $12000, not including the cost of a burial plot. 

Much of the cost of burial service comes from the burial plot, as there is often limited space available, and many cemeteries require ongoing payments. If you’re choosing a burial funeral for religious reasons this can also affect the funeral cost.

Choose a Kingston Funeral Director

When you choose Kingston, we'll be with you from start to finish to help you plan and budget for funeral cost. An experienced funeral director will guide you through the process, ensuring nothing is forgotten or neglected. If you want to learn more about funeral packages and prices, or you're planning your own funeral and need advice, contact us today. As leading funeral providers, we can answer any questions you have about funeral expenses.

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