What if you can’t afford a Funeral?

you cant afford a funeral

At Kingston Funerals we will always try to accommodate every person that comes to our business. 

If you have zero dollars, then the State will bury you – but there are no frills, and you could be taken to the Coroners whilst you are awaiting burial.

What tends to happen is that a number of people are kept at the Coroners until it is feasible to bury them – a Government contractor will collect the bodies and conduct a “paupers’ burial,” often more than one body is in the grave. All bodies are placed in basic chip board coffins to facilitate the multiple burials.

Kingston Funerals is obviously a profit business – but our fees are realistic! That said, we are happy to try to accommodate those families in need. I’ve been known to be a bit of a “soft touch,” we will do whatever we can to help families in need.

What goes around comes around and our reputation for fairness grows!


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