What is Pre-Paid Funeral Planning?

what is pre paid funeral planning

The title of this blog is self-explanatory! However, prepaying one’s funeral is or could be an intimidating experience.

If this is the case, mistakes could be made. You could make an appointment with a slick corporate operator and end up paying an over-the-top price, just to get it over and done with. The old adage -nothing is certain, but death & taxes are unavoidable rings true, but you try to minimize your taxes, why not your funeral costs? Prepaying is a good way to achieve this.

A Pre-paid funeral is just that – you let your Funeral Director know what you require upon your departure from this world, and they will give you a price – this is a ‘fixed” price, and a contract will be issued, and you are then ready for the great unknown!

I’m being tongue in cheek but prepaying one’s funeral is a good idea. You pay in advance, your Funeral Director deposits your funds into a trust account, only to be withdrawn upon your demise.


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