The Role of the Funeral Celebrant

the role of the funeral celebrant

The Kingston logo is: “Stories of Everyday People”.

The modern funeral has evolved into a celebration of the deceased’s life, and so it should – that’s what we are here for!

The 1980s & 1990s were still doing 1940s & 1950s funerals, whereby the “dirge” was the main emphasis of the funeral ceremony.

Nowadays with the help of modern technology, funerals are about celebrating lives, whilst acknowledging the sadness of a loved ones passing death. The deceased lived and loved you in their special way – their stories are special and are for us to celebrate their lives.

Hence, the role of the Celebrant is of the upmost importance. Our funeral arrangers are skilled at recognizing a family’s needs and of getting a “feel” for the very essence of the deceased’s personality. Over the years they have built up a wealth of knowledge of the various funeral celebrants. Combining their perception of your family, they are able to “best fit” a celebrant to cater to your requirements.

The funeral celebrant will arrange a visitation/interview with your family. At the visitation he/she will ascertain who your loved one was and acquaint themselves with the essence of that special person. It is important that you feel comfortable with them – they lead the funeral service and they tell the story according to your wishes.

All of our preferred celebrants are story tellers and should be prevented with the good as well as the bad – the humorous, the mundane, the silliness, the bad habits and the laughs along the way, the trials and tribulations you overcome and faced together.

To the rest of the mourners, not family related, it should appear that your loved one was well acquainted by the celebrant, this is the special talent in doing a celebrancy. Most celebrants genuinely recognize the gift you give them – the honour to tell your loved one’s story.

Indeed, Kingston Funerals tells stories of everyday people!

Bob Newbould

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