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Our Funeral Cremation Urns

Kingston Funerals is proud to offer a wide range of Cremation Urns for ashes, including many different keepsake options. We are sure you’ll find the perfect option for holding your loved one’s ashes from our extensive range, please note only a limited range is on display at our office. 

You can browse through our online booklet and choose from a wide selection of Urns, boxes, mementoes and keepsake jewellery. We have a large collection to suit every home and personality and are sure you’ll find something you love.

Having a Cremation Urn with your loved one’s ashes can be such a special way to provide a memorial for your loved one. You can choose an urn that reflects the personality and spirit of your loved one, or you can choose an urn that fits the decor of your home.

Many of the cremation urns in our range can be engraved and personalised. Our range includes photo urns, children’s urns, eco urns and heart keepsake cremation urns. Also included are a wide selection of crystal, glass, ceramic and box cremation urns, along with a range of timber options.

Types of Urns Available

Keepsake Urns

The keepsake urns in our range are typically smaller, designed to hold just a small portion of the ashes. As keepsakes they can be carried or kept close to you, allowing you to keep your loved one close at all times, or displayed easily on a shelf.

Adult Cremation Urns

There are many types of adult cremation urns available, including ceramic and metal options. There are also eco cremation urns, which are biodegradable, making them an increasingly popular choice for those looking for a more ethical way to remember their loved one.

Child Cremation Urns

Child cremation urns are smaller and many of our options can be customised and personalised. There is a wide range of designs and materials available, including brass, eco urns, and more. You can view the options available in our catalogue.

Standard Urns

The standard urn is more of a budget option, but no less personal. Perfect for scattering ashes in a special place or for placement in the home, these urns are an excellent way to keep your loved one’s memory alive.

Ceramic Urns

Our ceramic cremation urns are handcrafted and hand polished for unique, high-quality results. Choose from a variety of colours and styles, each with a unique and symbolic meaning.

Metal Urns

Our metal urns are made from quality metals such as brass, copper and aluminium. They are polished to bring out the finest details in the design. Choose from a wide variety in our catalogue.

Enquire Today

If you’re looking for a specific cremation urn design, discuss your needs with our team. We’re committed to making this difficult time as smooth as possible. While we are not an online store, we can supply the urn of your choice for the cremation. For more information on cremation or to order, simply contact us and our team will guide you through the steps. 

If you’re planning a funeral service, talk to our team today and we can offer guidance and funeral directing services. We’ve helped families from across Australia plan the perfect funeral for their loved ones.

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