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What makes a great funeral director?

what makes a great funeral director
What things come to mind when you think of choosing a funeral director. Empathetic, an eye for detail, supportive and compassionate are just a few things that make for a great funeral director.


A great funeral director knows instinctively how to care for their families and their loved ones. Understanding their emotional needs at a difficult time is important. Great Funeral directors will hold a space for their family’s grief and empower them to celebrate their loves one’s life.

An eye for detail

It’s the little things that make the biggest difference. A great funeral director will go above and beyond for their families, think outside the square and bring a creative and meaningful feel to each and every funeral service. Great funeral directors will inspire the families that they meet.

Cultural & Religious Experience

A great funeral director will have a respectful and deep understanding of all cultural and religious funeral practices and traditions.


Communication is key. A great funeral director will have impeccable listening skills and support their families to help create a memorable farewell. They will not only communicate with families, they will also liaise with staff, vendors and guests. They will also anticipate and negate and issues that may arise with minimal fuss.


A great funeral director knows their job isn’t just a job, It’s a gift.
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