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Dispelling myths and misconceptions in the funeral Industry. Why is death such a taboo topic?

dispelling myths and misconceptions in the funeral industry
Let’s lay some of the rumours to rest, pardon the pun.

Does my love one legally have to be buried in a coffin?

Australia Law has recently changed and the new law states that your loved one can be granted for a shrouded burial. The body must be wrapped for burial in a cloth or sheet. The body however must be transported safely and respectfully to the grave within a receptacle.

Does my love one have to be embalmed?

Embalming is only a legal requirement for bodies that are going to be repatriated interstate or overseas, flying with an airline. Cemetries may also require a proof of embalming certificate in order for a body to be interred in a crypt or mausoleum. Embalming may be suggested if a viewing or funeral service will be held over for a longer period of time, but this is not a legal requirement.

Does a Funeral Service need to be held in a church?

Not at all! There are so many venues across Melbourne and Rural Victoria that are fabulous venues to hold a celebration of life. Chapels at Cemetries, Sporting clubs, RSL’s, Winery’s, Gardens, even in the family home.

Coffins are recycled?

Coffins are not recycled, ever. Bodies are never removed from their coffins prior to cremation. The entire coffin, including handles are cremated.

Are bodies cremated together?

No. There are strict guidelines in place at Victorian Crematoriums. Cremator machines (Retorts) can take one coffin with one body at a time. Once the cremation process has finished, the cremated remains are raked and removed from the machine before the next coffin is placed in for the process begins again. 

In Conclusion, while some misconceptions may still linger, don’t be afraid to ask your funeral director all of the taboo questions, transparency is so important! The more you know….

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