Memorial Service

A memorial service is an excellent way to remember your loved one in a way that’s meaningful. It’s a way to celebrate their life in your own unique way, and remember them for the person that meant the most to you. 

If you’re considering having a memorial service, Kingston Funerals can make sure everything runs smoothly from start to finish, guiding you through the planning process and directing the memorial service.

Our professional and caring staff are available 24/7 to assist you with your funeral needs.

What is a Memorial Service?

Dedicating time to sharing memories and remembering your loved one in the best way possible is an excellent way to see them off. Many families are choosing to do this in the form of a Memorial Service, dedicating time to celebrate a life well lived before a final goodbye. 

Memorial services are usually held separate from the funeral service and are perfect for those who want to keep the funeral service exclusive to close friends and family while allowing everyone to share their memories and say their goodbyes. The body isn’t usually present at a memorial service, keeping the focus on celebrating the life of your loved one.

memorial service

The Importance of a Memorial Service

A memorial service can be a very important step for those who have lost a loved one because it gives family members and friends a chance to honour their lives and the memories they shared together. The act of honouring someone’s life can help people grieve and remember happier times, even if it is difficult to do so.

Planning a Memorial Service

There are a couple of ways to plan a memorial service. You can plan it yourself, or if you’ve already hired a funeral director they can plan it with you and run the service. There are a few important choices you’ll have to make that will affect the day. These include:
memorial service date or time

Choose on the Date and Time of the Service

You can choose a date and time that is best for you, but it’s important to remember that some family and friends might be located far away and will need more time to arrive. You should also plan on inviting those who will be speaking at the service as well as allowing enough time. Sometimes people choose to have the funeral and the memorial service on different days, usually when there are certain people who can’t make one date, or if they want to have the funeral as soon as possible and the memorial service at a later date.
memorial service location

Decide on a Location for the Service

You’ll want to find a location that is large enough and comfortable for everyone attending. If you’re looking to hold the service in the same place where you’ll be holding the reception, make sure they can accommodate both events. You may have to schedule your event earlier or later than usual to avoid disturbing customers or customers’ privacy.
memorial service display

Find any pictures or videos you want to display

This doesn’t have to be a slideshow, but simply a few pictures that highlight your loved one’s life. You should also consider asking family members or close friends if they have any music that would suit them as well- maybe a wedding song, a special album, or a playlist of music they enjoyed. You can organise a slideshow yourself if you want to, or place everything on a USB and your funeral director will be happy to put together a slideshow.

Decide on whether you want to serve food and drinks

Many people choose to offer food and drinks after the memorial service, giving people some time to talk and grieve together. If you are planning on offering something like this, make sure you have the space available and can organise catering. Having something small and easy to eat is usually the best way to go about offering food.
memorial service food and drinks
memorial service

Decide Who Will be Speaking at the Memorial Service

You’ll want to decide who will be speaking at the memorial service ahead of time. This includes anyone you want to speak on your behalf – a family member, a close friend, etc.

Plan your Speech

If you’re planning on saying a few words, it’s best to plan beforehand. If you’re not quite sure what to say, a funeral director can help you plan and put your thoughts onto paper.
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Funeral and Memorial Services

If you’re planning a funeral or memorial service, talk to the team at Kingston Funerals. We can assist you in planning a beautiful service that honors the life of your loved one and tells their story. We offer funeral directing for services of all kinds, helping you plan the service and directing it on the day. Talk to our experienced funeral director today.
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