Pre-paid Funerals in Melbourne

What is a pre-paid funeral?

A pre-paid funeral allows you to choose and pay the funeral costs in advance for your own or a loved one’s funeral. It is a convenient and financially sound way to approach your funeral arrangements. Your pre-paid contract will set out all the relevant details of the choices you have made together with the costs.

Benefits of pre-paying your funeral

A pre-paid funeral provides security of knowing that if you pre-pay your funeral costs at today’s prices you are protected against future price increases. The average cost of a funeral in Melbourne has risen significantly in recent years and there is every likelihood that this trend could continue into the future.

You will provide your family with peace of mind. At the time of your passing, they will know that everything is in place and also paid for.

You will be remembered the way you would like to be remembered. By having direct input into what style of funeral you would like ensures that you can customise it to be exactly how you would like it to be.

A pre-paid funeral is more cost-effective than funeral insurance assuming that you live for another 3 or so years after you complete your pre-paid funeral. It’s basically like putting your money in a trust fund to pay for your funeral in Melbourne at today’s price.

How Secure Is My Money

Your funds are 100% secure. The money you pay us for pre-paid funeral costs is invested independently with Australian Friendly Society.

You can click here for more information about how Australian Friendly Society works alongside us, and to answer some frequently asked questions.

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