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What is a prepaid funeral?


A prepaid funeral allows you to choose and pay the funeral costs in advance for your own or a loved one’s funeral. It is a convenient and financially sound way to approach your funeral arrangements. Your prepaid contract will set out all the relevant details of the choices you have made together with the costs. You can also create prepaid funeral plan to organise everything completely.

Benefits of prepaid funerals

A prepaid funeral provides security knowing that if you prepay your funeral at today’s prices, you are protected against future price increases. The average cost of a funeral in Melbourne has risen significantly in recent years and there is every likelihood that this trend could continue into the future.

You will provide your family with peace of mind. At the time of your passing, they will know that everything is in place and also paid for.

You will be remembered the way you would like to be remembered. By having direct input into what style of funeral you would like ensures that you can customise it to be exactly how you would like it to be.

A prepaid funeral service is more cost-effective than funeral insurance. It’s basically like putting your money in a trust fund to pay for your funeral in Melbourne at today’s price.

How Secure Is My Money?

The money you pay us for prepaid funeral costs is invested independently with Foresters Financial prepaid funeral funds. 

You can click here for more information about how Foresters Financial works alongside us, and to answer some frequently asked questions.

How Prepaid Funerals Could Save You Money

Pre paying for a funeral can be an excellent way to save money on the cost of a funeral. When you choose a funeral plan that covers both preparation and the funeral itself, you may be able to save money overall. Additionally, pre paid funerals are often a better option than funeral insurance or a funeral bond, as the price you pay now will not increase when the time arrives to have the funeral service. You can be sure that everything is paid for, and you won’t be charged extra in the event demand is high or if average funeral costs increase.

Choose Kingston Funerals for Prepaid Funerals

Kingston Funerals offers a full range of funeral services, including prepaid funerals. When you choose Kingston, our funeral directors will organise a pre-paid funeral contract and set out the details, including the choices you have made and the associated costs. We help you plan everything out so there is no uncertainty or stress when it comes to the funeral.

Reach out to us today for more information on prepaid funeral contracts, prepaid funeral plans, and prepaid funerals Melbourne in general.

Get in touch with our friendly funeral directors for more information on funeral pre planning and know more about our funeral packages.

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