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I’ve been a funeral director for over 30 years. Wow. It feels like yesterday that I started, such is my love of the industry. Over that period of time, I’ve seen many different funeral companies come and go. I’ve changed my perspective on things and have initiated change within my own company, to stay the best in the business.
I’m saddened by the corporate’s aspect on funeral directing. To me, it’s an intensely sensitive and wistful industry. I’m old guard. I still believe in the intimacy, closeness, and sadness… and indeed, sense of fun that a life well-lived can bring out at the funeral.

Relationships are my number one priority with the bereft, my staff, the suppliers, cemetery workers, ministers, and celebrants. Unfortunately, for a majority of funeral companies these relationships don’t seem to matter. I believe Kingston Funeral Services is a better organization due to our capacity to bond together as a staff and to share a commitment to our families… to strive for the best outcomes.

To the staff, a public acknowledgement – you are the best funeral directors in Melbourne. To our families, thank you for your trust. It’s not misplaced.

In order to provide a level of service which is affordable, we’ve looked at new and innovative ways to present funerals and conduct services.

  1. We design and manufacture our own coffins.
  2. We came up with the concept of a rental casket, which has evolved into our dignity casket.
  3. We developed the first commercial cardboard coffins in Australia.
  4. We instigated free live streaming in our chapel on funerals during the COVID crisis.
  5. We have a team of  graphic designers to enhance the graphic presentation of your family’s funeral.
  6. We are fully tech savvy due to Stephen, our technical guru.

At Kingston we are here to help

Contact us at Kingston Funeral services whenever you are in need of an experienced and friendly team to help you through the funeral process.

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