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Deliver a Good Eulogy

After doing all the work in the trenches preparing your speech, it is time for you to turn your attention to a good delivery. The way you address the audience is perhaps the most important part of the eulogy.

The delivery can be particularly challenging for a eulogy. Not only are you dealing with the shock or grief of losing a loved one, but you must also work to manage the stress of public speaking.

Follow the following tips to help insure a smooth delivery:


Write your speech out and practice it. Rehearsing helps you to know what kind of changes to make.

Words and phrases sound differently when you hear them compared to just reading them.

Practicing also helps you get comfortable. Running through the speech a few times will help ease some of the emotion of it.


Doing what you can to put yourself at ease for the eulogy is invaluable. Beforehand, check out the room and the podium. Familiarise yourself with the environment so you know what to expect.

Do what you can to relax yourself before speaking. Take your time, pause when you need to, and take a deep breath. It is also helpful to have some water with you.

Writing Eulogies - Delivering a Light-hearted Eulogy

Delivering a Light-hearted Eulogy

As somber as funerals can be, it is not necessary to avoid being light-hearted when giving a eulogy. As a matter of fact, light-hearted moments can bring healing to you and other family and friends in attendance.

Sharing happy memories of the deceased can be very uplifting and they are entirely appropriate during the eulogy. Fond memories that bring smiles can relieve tension and be a welcomed reprieve from the great sadness of losing a loved one.

Remember the line between light-heartedness and comedy.

Sometimes revealing an inside joke you may have had with the deceased is helpful in finding a light-hearted moment in the eulogy. This will give you an opportunity to relay a story and reveal the “punch line” to the guests.

This can help family and friends feel closer to their loved one because they are let in on the inside. When one woman's brother told her a story about her father, she said with a smile, 'I have always wondered why he always said that!'

Although funerals are serious and sad times, using a lighter approach to certain aspects of the eulogy is a welcomed. It can relieve the tension when emotions run high. No one likes to say goodbye, but everyone welcomes a chance to celebrate a life well-lived with a smile.