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Funerals by Women. Over the years, it has become apparent that there is a need in the industry for another Melbourne funeral director but this time, a female friendly funeral service - in other words funerals performed exclusively by females. The Nightingale service we provide begins with your first phone call and you can rest assured that your loved one will be in female care until the conclusion of the service.

It has taken 5 years to put a team of ladies together who are totally proficient in all aspects of the funeral industry. I can say without fear of contradiction that this is one of the most highly experienced and caring group of women in the industry.

At Nightingale Funerals we offer you a family company committed to serving our families, at a reasonable cost without taking unnecessary financial advantage from your bereavement.

Obviously, a funeral service is an intensely private and emotional time for the family concerned. Our ladies will arrange to visit you in the privacy of your home to sort out the funeral arrangements and tend to any other concerns that your loss may bring about. Our ladies will apply themselves in an endeavour to help you through this period as best they can.

-Bob Newbould, Managing Director