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Many families choose to keep cremated remains or ashes at home, or to have them scattered somewhere that has special meaning.

There are also several other choices that can be considered, and usually consist of one of the following; Columbarium Walls, where the ashes are placed in a niche behind an engraved plaque in a wall built or adapted for the purpose.

Garden of Remembrance areas, where the ashes are buried in a plot for cremated remains, with name plaques to the side of the garden area.

Cremation Plots are available in some cemeteries where ashes are buried in a small grave reserved specifically for ashes.

In addition to this, ashes can also be buried in family graves, with other deceased family members.

There is even a service that shoots funeral ashes from self firing rockets to create a mini firework display. Creating an event or party for a final farewell. A happier way to say goodbye.