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When a death occurs it is always difficult to know what to do first. Our aim is to provide you the guidance you need at each stage of the arranging process in an open, empathetic and considerate manner.

If the death should take place in a hospital, hospice or residential care home, then the immediate steps are taken by members of the care staff following their set procedures. You only need to nominate us as the funeral director of choice and the various institutions will inform us .

At home, the first practical step to be taken is for the doctor to be contacted to confirm and certify the death. Following confirmation, the family may wish to contact us to arrange for the removal of the body to our mortuary.

You can contact us by telephone 24 hours a day, for all of your funeral requirements, telephone 9585 2822.

In the event that the death is sudden or unexpected then the police will attend to coordinate the removal of the body, on behalf of the coroner, to the public mortuary. The coroner will be informed and the requirement for a post mortem assessed according to Victorian Department of Justice guidelines.